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    Minnesota 2017

    Project Title Concrete Slab Lifting Demo

    Project Brief

    SPI demonstrated the effectiveness of the Synergy Series Eco R↑se™ polyurethane foam by using it to lift a sunken concrete slab. The contractor chose Synergy Series Eco R↑se™ concrete lifting foam due to its successful track record. They also made use of SPI’s low pressure LPG™ proportioning equipment. The LPG’s™ compact, lightweight design allows the contractor to go just about anywhere to lift concrete pavements, driveways, floors and more.

    Our Solution


    The voids were located under the concrete slab to determine fill areas. Small 5/8” holes were drilled through the concrete in strategic areas to prepare for the injection ports.

    The injector or packer ports were then inserted into the openings. SPI’s Synergy Series 3.0lb Eco R↑se™ polyurethane foam was injected beneath the concrete slab in each area, expanding until the slab was level. Synergy Series Eco R↑se™ is available in various densities to provide structural stability to varying degrees of sunken and uneven concrete slabs. Synergy Series Eco R↑se™ foam is an economical concrete leveling solution that is impervious to water, controlling further erosion below the surface.


    Synergy Series Eco R↑se™ polyurethane foam was easily applied via the injector ports, and expanded to level the concrete slab. The LPG™ proportioning equipment allowed the contractor to efficiently carry out the work with minimum difficulty. At a fraction of the cost of replacement, polyurethane foam lifting is environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective. And use of SPI’s affordable affordable LPG™ results in minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape or other areas.

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