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    SPi Performance Coatings product case studies

    Glass Fused Steel Sectional Tank Lining

    The glass fused steel sectional reception tank in an anaerobic digestion plant had become affected by the harsh environment. Corrosion had perforated the tank, and damaged the polyurethane sealant.

    The asset owner had hired another contractor to apply a protective lining to the tank. However, this protective coating was not a success, and within 6 months it had already broken down significantly.

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    Blade Runner 2049

    Released in 2017, Blade Runner 2049 is the critically acclaimed sequel to the 1982 classic film. The producers made extensive use of computer graphics to create a stark vision of the future, but whenever possible they wanted to use physical props, rather than green screen equivalents.

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    Waterproofing the concrete pond

    Cotswold Wildlife Park has one of the most extensive reptile collections in the whole of the UK. They house the Green Anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world, as well as a selection of highly poisonous varieties. They are also the only collection in Europe that plays host to Morelet’s Crocodiles.

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    Concrete Leveling Electrical Lift Station

    The sunken concrete at a city’s electrical lift station was in need of either repair or replacement. The work had to be completed quickly, for minimal interruption to the service. Rather than carrying out a costly and time-consuming replacement, the local municipality chose an experienced concrete lifting contractor to make repairs.

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    Coating for House Boat Roof

    Customer was building a custom house-boat, at Solent Refit in Hythe, from the hull of an old tanker. This fantastic design and build had 86m2 of flat roof which required waterproofing. There was also a 26m2 section which was to be used as a sun deck surrounded by a balustrade.

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    Mine Shaft Decommission

    When it comes to decommissioning mine shafts, asset owners need a long term solution that will ensure the shafts are completely inaccessible. A 16’ diameter x 4000’ deep hole had previously been capped off with dirt, rock and cloth, but this solution failed, so a revolutionary, long-lasting alternative was needed. SPI were chosen for their track record of successfully solving a variety of problems in many industries.

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    Iron Ore Hopper, Sweden

    One of the world’s largest underground mines wanted to extend the life of a process hopper, that had been highlighted as suffering from corrosion to the lower steel cone during an inspection. The hopper is responsible for storing and dispensing thousands of tonnes of processed iron ore granules every week, a task crucial to the mine.

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    Concrete Slab Lifting Demo

    SPI demonstrated the effectiveness of the Synergy Series Eco Rise™ polyurethane foam by using it to lift a sunken concrete slab. The contractor chose the Eco Rise™ concrete lifting foam due to its successful track record. They also made use of SPI’s low pressure LPG™ proportioning equipment. The LPG’s™ compact, lightweight design allows the contractor to go just about anywhere to lift concrete pavements, driveways, floors and more.

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    Blast mitigation protection

    The US Marines were looking for extra protection from IEDs (improvised explosive device) on their Humvees. They chose SPI’s Dragonshield-HT® ERC polyurea coating for its exceptional blast mitigation properties. When applied thick enough to high hard steel, a Dragonshield-HT® ERC protective lining will help deflect blast fragments, which are the cause of most injuries, deaths and damage in an explosion.

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    Shrimp Farm

    GanixTM Bio-Technologies wanted to update their facility with an efficient, more ‘Green’ indoor shrimp aquaculture system. They needed a durable, low-maintenance protective lining that offered colour stability.

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    Evaporation Pit Liner

    A set of new evaporation containment pits were constructed to serve a nearby set of oil fields. The pits serve as containers for oil field brim, and facilitate the cleanup and disposal of oily water produced by the drilling process. This large-scale project necessitated a high performance coating solution that could remain effective, while also allowing for the detection of leaks. SPI was chosen for their expertise in customizing performance coatings to suit complex projects.

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    Asset resilience case study: How we helped reinstate water integrity at the Midlands’ largest water company. Clay Mills in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire serves a trade load and domestic population in the region of 400,000. During refurbishments to the facility, it became apparent that movement and dummy joints within the water treatment beds were damaged, failing and leaking.

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