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    Coating solutions for oil tanks and gas pipes

    Oil & Gas Coatings

    Coating products and solutions for the oil and gas industry

    SPI Performance Coatings are the perfect partner supplying solutions and coating protection services to the Oil and Gas Industry, offshore platforms and drilling operations. We have combined our decades of experience in materials science, construction, waterproofing and contracting to help many leading oil and gas companies with asset protection and rehabilitation of their building and plant in the Oil & Gas sector.

    With 40 years of continuous trading experience on hand in the oil and gas market, we have developed innovative and industry leading solutions to the problems faced by the petroleum industry, which include coating solutions against corrosion, impact damage and corrosion under insulation. Our performance coating solutions extend the life of buildings, plant and machinery, oil tanks and gas pipes, maximising the return on investment.

    The petroleum industry, more commonly known as the oil & gas industry, is one of the largest industrial sectors on the planet and deals with the complex processes of exploring, extracting, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines) and marketing (sales and distribution) of petroleum products. The oil and gas sector demands a very high standard when it comes to coating solutions; solutions which we can offer and are proud to be able to provide, both in terms of quick return to service and in regards to the premium quality of the coating products themselves.

    The upstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas industry present an array of unique challenges as they move oil and gas toward refineries. Given the drive to cut capital costs and the need to adhere to strict environmental regulations that are inherent in this industry, the long life of a coating system and effective protection of assets is absolutely essential.

    Our experience and technical expertise has helped to ensure a fast return to service for our customers, which include the MOD and Kilroot Power Station. We have also acted on behalf of the Oil Pipeline Association, carrying out inspection repairs for the sector.

    We have access to the worlds finest coating technologies, and offer a full bespoke support service including recommendations, training of staff and installing machinery packages through to full project management and on site presence. Our NACE trained staff can guide and assist in project development and implementation as well as help with the self auditing of systems. Call now.

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