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    Become an SPI Accredited Applicator

    Training course for applying performance coatings

    Coatings Training Courses & Training Classes

    Receive Training from The Industry’s Foremost Experts. Put Our Knowledge to Work for You!

    SPI provide industry leading technical training for Spray Foam applicators, project specifiers, and owners. Training is essential for properly managing spray equipment, understanding varying field and substrate conditions, and ensuring product applications meet the project specification.

    Advanced applicator spray foam training classes and polyurea training class are taught by a NACE certified instructor and coatings inspector. Class attendees receive hands-on, in-depth training on how to use and troubleshoot plural-component equipment, spray guns, machine hoses, parts and accessories. Class attendees spend time learning the proper spray techniques for applying polyurea and SPF insulation.

    • Educated Applicators is the key to successful polyurea applications.
    • Learn the basics of how to get applications right first time.
    • Better understand the technicalities of the application and your machine.
    • Understand why the viscosity, pressure, temperature on your plural spray gun rig are critical to YOU manufacturing polyurea.
    • Learn how to avoid blisters in applied polyurea and the polyurea being either too hard, too brittle, or too soft through mixing out of balance.

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