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    City of Dequeen Waste Water Department

    Project Title New Wastewater Plant Protection

    Project Brief

    Project: New Wastewater Plant Protection
    Location: Dequeen, Arkansas
    Owner: City of Dequeen Waste Water Dept.
    Applicator: Gibraltar Coatings
    Coating System: Polyshield HT™ Traffic Coat Polyurea at 3mm using Polyprime™ 100 Concrete Primer
    Total Area: 18,100m2
    Completion Date: October 2008


    City officials in Mainistee, Michigan, needed to expand their wastewater system. The project would involve millions of taxpayer dollars. As a result, they needed to ensure the money was invested in a performance coating that would guarantee years of effective service. Sewage waste takes a heavy toll on concrete structures; the hydrogen sulphide produced causes rapid deterioration in exposed surfaces. City officials knew they had to find a cost-effective anti corrosion coating that would protect and extend the structure’s service life for years to come.

    Our Solution


    The contractor, QMC, chose to use SPI’s Synergy Series Aquaseal™ Hi Rise X3 polyurea coating as a base, and a HT™ 100F UB chemical resistant protective lining for the top coat. SPI’s Aquaseal™ Hi Rise X3 quickly bridges and seals surface imperfections to form a seamless membrane. These qualities allowed QMC to avoid the costly process of conventional concrete protective lining, saving the application crew a week of prep-time and additional material cost. QMC applicators sweep-blasted the concrete surface to create an anchor profile for coating adhesion purposes. Moisture meters were used to check concrete moisture outgassing. Approximately 1.5mm of Synergy Series Aquaseal™ Hi Rise X3 was applied as a base protective coating. Several hours later, a layer of 1.5-2mm of HT™ 100F UB polyurea coating was sprayed to create a chemical-resistant barrier.

    Waste water Plant Protection


    City management was impressed at how quickly the contractor was able to install a new protective lining. Thanks to the easy application of SPI’s polyurea coating, the project was completed ahead of the deadline, with minimum disruption to the city’s infrastructure. The new wastewater clarifier tank now has a durable high performance coating that will extend its service life for years to come. The project was finished in 2012, and five years later, the anti corrosion coating remains as effective as ever. Moreover, SPI guarantee a minimum two decades more of reliable service.

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