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    Ganix™ Bio-Technologies

    Project Title Shrimp Farm

    Project Brief

    Ganix™ Bio-Technologies wanted to update their facility with an efficient, more ‘Green’ indoor shrimp aquaculture system. They needed a durable, low-maintenance protective lining that offered colour stability. In order to maintain healthy bacteria and algae life, it was essential the performance coating contained no VOC’s. Adrian Zettell of Ganix™ Bio Technologies stated that “Colour stability is important because any change of colour spectrum through water could affect the shrimp growth.”

    The ability to spray a textured protective lining is also extremely valuable, as the texture provides increased surface area for bacteria and algae growth.

    Our Solution


    The chosen high performance coating would be constantly submerged in salt water, and exposed to shrimp feed and waste, making colour stability of the utmost importance. They selected a Polyshield HT™ HP/UV (High pigment with UV stabilizer) polyurea coating due to its high abrasion resistance and seamless membrane. A high pigment and added UV stabilizer enhanced colour stability. Polyshield HT™ performance coating is eco-friendly, 100% solids and has no solvents or VOC’s, making it the ideal choice for an INDOOR SALT WATER POND SYSTEM.


    Zettel was satisfied with the polyurea coating, saying: “It is imperative that the products used in the construction of our facilities are of the utmost quality and are able to provide year-round 24/7 uninterrupted service. SPI’s polyurea coating technology has exceeded our expectations”.

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