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    Quick drying, robust protection against hydrocarbon spills

    Product Description

    Adalline 400 is specially designed to be hydrocarbon resistant, releasing no hydrocarbons, even when hammered.

    The class-leading tank and bund polyurea coating is capable of giving any material structural integrity and providing a waterproof, chemical barrier that’s highly flexible and strong.

    Key benefits of using Adalline 400:

    Widespread useAdalline 400 provides structural integrity to any surface, thanks to the nature of its polyurea base.

    Ease of use – there are no airborne particles, making it quick and easy to apply, even in confined spaces. It’s usable within an hour and fully set after 24 hours.

    Robust performance – thanks to its unique formula, Adalline 400 can withstand extreme temperatures, expansion and contraction and is 100% waterproof.

    Reduce costs – it’s a secure, low maintenance lining capable of reducing the cost and potential environmental impact associated with oil spill clean-ups.

    Eco-friendly – the coating is environmentally safe during application and once in place and contains low or no solvents or VOCs.

    As with other coating systems, the two-component technology must be applied to areas that have been prepared within industry-accepted surface preparation guidelines. All surfaces must be prepared by either using one of the following two methods (1) acid etching or (2) mechanical preparation.

    Where the substrate is particularly porous, the ambient temperatures are so high that any internally trapped moisture is outgassing, or the substrate is damp or cold, priming is recommended to prevent against pinholing.

    From its high chemical, hydrocarbon and impact resistance, to its quick-drying and environmentally safe properties, Adalline 400 provides peace of mind against flooding and oil spills and can extend the lifespan of assets within a range of environments.

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