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    EPL - 1.5™


    Product Description

    EPL-1.5™ is a high-strength, self-leveling, semi-rigid polyurea elastomer. Due to its high tensile strength, tear strength, and tensile modulus, EPL-1.5™ is very resistant to deformation with over 400% elongation. This optimal balance of physical properties makes EPL- 1.5™ an ideal choice of polymers for filling or repairing construction joints, random cracks, joint faces, and spalls. EPL-1.5™ is formulated to be processed through a SPI Synergy Series proportioner such as the LPG™ or TI-13D™.

    Product Features

    • 100% solids. No solvents. No VOCs.
    • Extended tack time to allow deep surface penetration.
    • Fast-set 1:1 ratio, return to service in less than one hour. Compliant with USDA/FDA requirements for incidental food contact.

    Recommended Uses

    • To fill or repair control joints, random cracks, and shallow spalls on horizontal concrete surfaces.
    • Earthen containment lining used with or without geotextile fabric.
    • Roof systems (metal, concrete wood, etc.)
    • Protective elastomer for sprayed-in-place urethane foam.
    • EPL-1.5™ can be spray-applied with or without broadcast aggregate to provide a durable resilient flooring system

    Product Colours

    EPL-1.5™ comes in SPI standard colors (Neutral, Medium Grey, Black, and Tan). Custom colors will be quoted upon request. It should be noted that EPL-1.5&trade is an aromatic polyurea; therefore; as with all aromatics color change and superficial oxidation will occur.

    Aliphatic urethane, polyurea, and other suitable aliphatic topcoats can be used where long-term color stability and increased longevity in full sun exposure are of critical importance.

    Technical Data Sheet

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