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    HARD CAP-100™


    Product Description

    HARD CAP-100™ is a 100% solids (0 VOCs) 1:1 ratio plural aliphatic polyurea. It is available in White and several standard colors,* as well as clear.

    HARD CAP-100™ is an ideal choice when a durable high build coating for interior or exterior applications with excellent color stability and gloss retention is required.

    HARD CAP-100™ provides a flexible, resilient, tough, monolithic membrane with good water and chemical resistance.

    *Custom colors available upon request.

    Product Features

    100% solids. No solvents. No VOCs.

    Extended tack time to allow deep surface penetration as well as a smooth uniform finish.

    High temperature stability up to 200°F (93°C).

    Qualifies for USDA incidental food contact applications.

    HARD CAP-100™ can be applied by several methods. These include heated plural spray, in line static mix spray, external static mix pour, or brushed.

    HARD CAP-100™ is available with an adhesion enhancing ad- mixture for additional adhesion to inorganic surfaces such as glass, ferrous metals, concrete, etc. Contact a SPI technical service person for specifics.

    HARD CAP-100™ is also available with a microbial resistant additive to minimize mold/mildew growth.

    Recommended Uses

    A hard washable coating for floors, walls, ceilings, etc. in food and beverage processing facilities. (qualifies for USDA incidental food contact).

    For institutional applications such as clean rooms, hospitals, etc. where an easily cleanable seamless surface is required.

    Fountains, reflection pools and aquariums.

    Technical Data Sheet

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