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    PTU UB


    Product Description

    PTU UB™ is a new generation of high-performance polyurea coating and is the result of six years of development and field testing. This chemical resistant coating provides high-ductility, allowing it to move with expanding and contracting surfaces. PTU UB™ can be sprayed to any thickness in one application and returned to service in a matter of hours.

    Product Features

    • A elastomer with chemical resistance. Comparable to many epoxies.
    • Self-priming in most instances, with strong adhesion.
    • Return to service within hours not days (foot traffic 1 hour; vehicle traffic 4 hours).
    • Typically applied in a single ‘multi-pass’ application.
    • Eco-friendly, 100% solids. No VOCs.

    Recommended Uses

    • Primary and secondary containment
    • Steel and concrete tanks, and silos
    • Barge and ship holds
    • Oil and gas pipelines
    • Waste water treatment facilities
    • Chemical transportation
    • Industrial flooring
    • Pulp and paper industry
    • Asbestos and lead encapsulation

    Product Colours

    PTU™ is available in SPI standard colors. Custom colors will be quoted upon request. It should be noted that PTUTM is an aromatic polyurea; therefore, as with all aromatics, color change and superficial oxidation will occur.

    Technical Data Sheet

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