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    Long-term waterproofing and abrasion resistant system for the Thames Barrier

    Project Title Long-term waterproofing – London 2016

    Project Brief

    Providing the Thames Barrier with greater, long lasting protection for the next 50 years.

    SPI coatings were required to deliver a long-term waterproofing and abrasion resistant system for structural support walls near to the Thames tidal wall.

    Our Solution


    The Thames Barrier is located downstream of central London and has been in operation since the early 1980s. It is designed to help prevent the floodplain of all, but the easternmost boroughs of Greater London from flooding. When required, it is closed (raised) during high tide and opened at low tide to restore the natural flow of the River Thames to the sea.

    The requirement

    As part of development work being carried out within the area, SPI Performance Coatings were required to deliver a long-term waterproofing and abrasion resistant system for structural support walls near to the Thames tidal wall with a life expectancy of 50 years. The walls are subject to both tidal forces, as well as salt water and silt abrasion.

    The solution

    SPI Performance Coatings, in partnership with Corroless, proposed a 3mm layer of HT100F UB pure polyurea coating be applied to the tidal wall, which spanned an area of approximately 190 square metres.

    However, before the coating could be applied, the wall needed to be thoroughly cleaned by using high-pressure water jetting to remove any organic growth and contamination that was present. Once fully prepared, the face of the wall was then resurfaced using SPIPC Marine Mortar to fill imperfections in the substrate and create a smooth, consistent finish.


    Due to the fast tide, a rapid curing solution was required from start to finish, to ensure it was fully cured within four hours, the amount of time it took for the tide to come in.

    The wall was primed using a fast curing polyaspartic primer – Staingard Rapide, prior to the polyurea material being applied.

    The results

    The work, which was carried out in five days, has enabled the lifespan of the tidal wall to have been extended for at least the next 50 years with a waterproofing system that not only offers rapid curing properties, but thanks to the Ultra Bond™ contained within SPI’s materials, gains adhesion over time.

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