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    Michigan 2017

    Project Title Mine Shaft Decommission

    Project Brief

    For a mining company, safety is always the primary concern. When it comes to decommissioning mine shafts, asset owners need a long term solution that will ensure the disused shafts are completely inaccessible. A 16’ diameter x 4000’ deep hole had previously been capped off with dirt, rock and cloth , but this solution failed. They feared trespassers might fall through, resulting in fatalities. A revolutionary, long-lasting alternative was needed to fill the large hole. SPI were chosen for their track record of successfully solving a variety of problems in many industries, and their ability to work with the engineer to put together a tailor-made solution for the empty shaft.

    Our Solution

    SPI collaborated with the applicator to meet the engineer’s psi requirements, formulating a 2.2lb Envelo-Pour™ polyurea foam system to fill the large void. The rigid polyurethane system is specifically designed for void filling, and with no ozone depleting materials, was readily approved by the mining company. A fabric cloth was first laid over the ground, then 2000 gallons of Envelo-Pour™ 2.2lb were used. The polyurea foam, alternating with chain link fence, was the ideal solution to fill the large, empty mine shaft.


    The applicator was satisfied with the results of Envelo-Pour™ 2.2lb. The shaft was effectively filled, at low cost, with a solid mass of polyurea foam that guaranteed the necessary safety levels. The applicator was so impressed, they used an additional 1200 gallons of 2.2lb Envelo-Pour™ polyurea foam to fill a second mine shaft opening at the same site.

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