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    Environmentally Friendly Pourable Foam. Available in 2.0 lb – 30.0 lb Density

    Product Description

    SPI ENVELO-POUR™ 2 lb – 30 lb density is a two component rigid polyurethane system for pour foam applications. This foam is low viscosity and is specifically designed for pour operations to produce rigid foam for tooling, flotation, mold fabrication, and void filling.

    This product has excellent processing characteristics. Good dimensional stability and adhesion to substrate.
    SPI ENVELO-POUR ™ 2.0 lb – 30.0 lb is formulated using only Polyether polyols enhancing its hydrolytic stability.

    SPI ENVELO-POUR ™ can be custom formulated in densities ranging from 2.0 lb – 30.0 lb.

    This product is sold in 10, 30, and 100 gallon drum sets and 500 gallon tote sets.

    Product Features

    • No Dangerous Heavy Metal Catalysts (such as lead or mercury)
    • No Ozone Depleting Products (ODP)
    • No Bromine or Other Halogenated Components
    • No Formaldehyde Components
    • Mildew, Bacteria and Fungus Resistant
    • Contains Renewable Resource Components
    • Considered Safe for Burial and Landfill Disposal
    • Compliant with USDA/FDA Requirements for Incidental Food Contact
    Technical Data Sheet

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