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    Casanare, Colombia, June 2017

    Project Title Steel Tank Internal Lining & External Coating

    Project Brief

    A 6,548 sq ft, 10,000 barrel capacity bolted steel tank at a major energy development company was leaking due to extensive corrosion damage. The crude oil tank had holes in the floor and was leaking at the joints. The asset owner needed a high performance coating that could plug these gaps, and function as an effective anti-corrosion coating long into the future. The owner chose SPI for their track record in providing effective solutions to the oil and gas industry.

    Steel Tank Internal Lining & External Coating

    Our Solution

    Based on its history and success in this type of project, the applicator and owner chose SPI’s chemical resistant PTU™ anti corrosion coating with AE-4 polyurea to repair and line the steel tank. Surface preparation was done by abrasive blasting to remove all material from the surface per SSPC- SP 5 white metal Blast. SPI’s PTU™ chemical resistance polyurea coating was used with an AE-4 additive to increase its adhesion to steel. The protective lining was applied at a thickness of 2.5mm (approx. 100 mils) to the floor and walls of the tank. The owner also chose to spray-apply a PTU™ polyurea coating with AE-4 to the tank’s external side for extra protection.

    Steel Tank Internal Lining & External Coating


    Six months later, a visual inspection of the internal protective lining was carried out, including vacuum testing on the floor of the tank. The PTU™ polyurea coating is performing well in the working conditions, and the customer was more than happy with the results. SPI’s innovative anti corrosion coating had far exceeded their expectations.

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