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    Polyurea performance coatings

    Polyurea asset protection to almost double by 2020

    Growth forecast: Polyurea asset protection to almost double by 2020

    Specification of polyurea performance coatings is forecast to almost double across the construction and industrial sectors within the next five years. And if that’s not enough good news, the industry as a whole is set to grow by 79% too!

    Why? Well, experts have suggested that the growth will be driven by awareness, spending confidence and a shift in preference towards higher quality materials – that, and of course, the fast curing times and unrivaled return to service speeds offered by polyurea.

    Europe is the world’s third largest market for the consumption of polyurea, and here at SPI we are right at the heart of it.

    As a company we combine technical manufacturing insight with a hardy ‘on-the-ground’ working knowledge of contracting, which means we are best placed to help you with product selection on a project by project basis.

    According to the latest industry research, out of the three application methods currently on the market, plural-spray polyurea technology owns almost 70% of the market split. A considerable difference compared to both pouring and hand mixing, which account for 16% and 14% respectively.

    The building maintenance, construction and industrial sectors are set to drive most of the growth in Europe, although transportation and landscaping have also been identified as key contenders for investment.

    Looking wider afield, the growth of the global polyurea market will be steered by the Asia-Pacific region due to its increased technological and infrastructure developments, with the emergence of new markets such as India, Korea, China, Brazil, South and East Asia and Mexico also contributing to the overall 2020 forecast.

    Kicking off the New Year with forecast worldwide growth is music to our ears, and we are ready and waiting to meet this increased demand head on, with our high-quality product portfolio, unrivaled sector specific knowledge and our open, honest, professional business style – something we consider best practice.

    The introduction of polyurea has revolutionized the performance coatings industry and its performance, health and safety and environmental credentials remain completely unrivaled.

    Leading manufacturers like our parent company Specialty Products Incorporated, aren’t resting on their laurels though – constantly innovating to deliver the ultimate in polyurea technology. Innovations like our ULTRA BONDTM technology – coined the duct tape molecule – which gains adhesion over time and can be applied to both new and old surfaces without a primer, providing the correct surface preparations have been made. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Fancy a few polyurea facts?

    • It has an elongation factor of 300%
    • It can bridge pre-existing dynamic cracks of between 0-15mm
    • It can cope with ground or structure movement as well as extreme changes in temperature
    • It arrived on the market in the 1980s
    • Great for protecting tanks, reservoir roofs and gas digesters
    • Curing time of just 40 seconds (touch proof)

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