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    A polymer pre-cast cove base system which is superior in both design and construction.

    Product Description

    If you want to deliver completely seamless resin floor installations quickly and easily, with a completely even ‘factory-finish’ standard cove, then you need to use Easycove.

    What is it? Easycove is a polymer pre-cast cove base system which is superior in both design and construction compared to other global market leaders.

    Designed specifically for the resinous flooring industry, Easycove is pre-formed in a lightweight polymer with DoveLockTM to provide a clean, tidy and watertight barrier for plasterboard walls, block walls and other porous surfaces. It makes applying all resin floor coatings (like our super-fast drying Asperflex range of polyaspartic solutions) quick and simple – and that’s why we recommend it.

    In fact, SPI is the sole distributor of Easycove technology throughout Europe – a market in which time-critical resin floor installations are on the up. This unique and fully-patented system has been designed specifically to facilitate fast installs and lower skilled application, on jobs where time is of the essence or a mortar-cove cannot be made quickly enough using the resin.

    Easycove is that simple to use, technicians with less experience can deliver top-quality finishes which tick all the boxes for aesthetic appeal, functionality and long-lasting durability.

    What’s so unique about it?

    Well, let’s start with its patented dual-bond channels which strengthen the bond between the cove system and the wall. Then of course there’s the cove anchor (again patented), which creates a superior bond to the floor and wall, whilst preventing moisture intrusion. If that hasn’t got your attention, how about if I told you this moisture barrier wont degrade over time?

    With benefits like these it’s no wonder Easycove has been hailed a cost and time saving superhero over epoxy trowelled cove.

    Things to remember:

    • This pre-fabricated coving system has been designed for fast, lower-skilled application
    • There are no pre-fabricated corner pieces – just use a handsaw and an angle tool
    • Easycove can be manufactured to any length for particularly large or demanding projects*
    • Made from a self-extinguishing material, it is impossible to ignite Easycove even with direct flame contact

    *Non-standard lengths are subject to special order and shipping time and costs

    Ready to try Easycove for yourself?

    If you operate within time-critical markets where achieving factory-finish seamless resin floors is a must, then you need to try Easycove.

    Call our experienced team today to discuss your requirement or to download a tech spec below.

    Product Features

    Here’s some basic tech spec:

    • Available in 1.2m lengths (48 inches)
    • Cove radius 25mm + (1”+)
    • Base portion thickness is a nominal 6.35mm (0.25”)
    • Weight is approximately 1kg per 1.2m length (100mm)
    • Available in 25mm, 100mm, 150mm (1”, 4” and 6”) heights

    Recommended Uses

    The ideal system for applications in which seamless resin flooring is critical, such as food processing facilities, pharmaceutical laboratories and the defence sector, make Easycove the best solution. Easycove has no prefabricated corner pieces and is simply measured and cut using a hand saw and angle tool, just like you would with any traditional wooden skirting.

    Product Colours

    The physical properties of Easycove mimic that of epoxy trowelled cove, with its colour being closely matched to that of clear coated concrete to eliminate large appearance variations when applying flake or colour quartz to floor and cove.

    Want to Chat?

    If you would like to discuss your individual business needs please do not hesitate to get in touch, we can offer bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements.

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