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    Staingard Rapide

    2-component, polyaspartic polymer for sealing concrete surfaces

    Product Description

    Staingard Rapide Staingard Rapide is a 2-component, polyaspartic polymer specially formulated for sealing concrete (and other) surfaces prior to the application of sprayed polyurea protective coatings and tanking membranes and sealing the surfaces of resin bonded anti-slip treatments to improve durability and ease of cleaning.

    The product is solvent-free (“Ultra-Low VOC”), light-stable with good low-temperature cure and moisture tolerance, making installation far less sensitive to ambient conditions.

    The rapid cure enables over-coating with sprayed polyurea to take place with minimal delay, and similarly trafficking of anti-slip treatment treatment with minimal delay.

    Recommended Uses

    Ensure that the Staingard Rapide Safety Data Sheets and Method Statement have been read before using this product.

    The instructions below are a guide only and not meant to be comprehensive installation instructions.

    With the A-component tub placed on a flat, stable surface, remove the lid. Similarly remove the lid of the B-component jar and add the contents to the A-component.

    Mix immediately using the drill and paddle for 15 seconds only. [Do not allow the opened or mixed components to stand unnecessarily].

    Pour the mixed material onto the work area and spread using the roller or squeegee for priming, or only the roller if sealing an aggregate surface.

    Tubs and jars containing dregs or unused material should be left exposed to the air and allowed to cure, at which point the cures material is non-hazardous and the containers can be disposed of as ordinary, nonhazardous, waste. [It will be expedient to strike out hazard warnings on the labels to indicate that the hazard no longer applies.]

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