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    Specialist Product Insight

    Specialist Product Insight: EonCoat

    This blog is not just a place to learn more about the coatings market and some of the great work we have been doing across many industries. It’s also a chance to find out more about our market-leading products.

    In this, the first of our Specialist Product Insight (SPI) series of blogs, we focus on EonCoat™, a phenominal quick-curing coating which is specifically designed to protect steel and iron from rust and corrosion.

    Created in the US after 20 years of research by the Department of Energy, EonCoat™ lasts five times longer than alternative polymer-based corrosion protection products. But that’s the only great statistic about this star performer. Applied through the plural spray system that SPI has become renowned for, it can be fully cured in just one hour. Yes, that’s right; one hour.

    EonCoat is fire retardant and resistant to high temperature, abrasion, chemicals, UV sunlight and other environmental factors. With credentials like these, it is proving a popular choice for protecting pipes, tanks and industrial equipment across a multitude of sectors, including oil and gas, marine, power generation, manufacturing and municipals.

    So what makes it so special? Well, the longevity of this coating is achieved by alloying metal oxides to non-alloy steel or iron to form a thin chemically inert layer incapable of reacting to oxygen or moisture, combining the corrosion resistance of an alloy and the abrasion resistance of a ceramic. It’s a fundamentally new technology which is changing the way businesses treat and treat and maintain their corrosion-sensitive assets.

    EonCoat has undergone rigorous private and Government-funded testing spanning a number of decades and also has more titles than Prince William, Duke of Cambridge KG KT ADC(P) – to give him his proper name. It boasts a catalogue of accreditation and test certificates, including an NSF/ANSI 61 certificate for drinking water system components and a portfolio of ASTM test results for abrasion, hardness, temperature and salt spray resistance to name but a few.

    SPI Performance Coatings is the exclusive distributor for EonCoat™ in the UK and Europe, which means you won’t get this performance, durability or speed of application anywhere else.

    Find out more about EonCoat and its capabilities on our website!

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